10 advises for new runners

10 advises for new runners
July 23, 2019 No Comments Running journey Pietro

I started very recently my journey as traveling runner, and I cannot (and would not dare to) call myself an expert or a specialist. Nonetheless, I would like to share my 10 advises for new runners, hopefully ready to become traveling runners!

1) Choose the right equipment

Running does not require too much equipment, so there is no excuse for saving! Running shoes are extremely important because they will help you, and especially your muscles and joints, to withstand the solicitations due to the motion: read more here. Be sure you have the right set of running shoes, socks, dry-fit running T-shirt and shorts (very important to choose them wisely, you do not want skin bruises for attrition!). I also recommend to use your phone or a wrist step counter, to track your distance and progress, even if my best recommendation is a running watch tracking also your heartbeat during the activity.

2) Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Rule n.2 is not about shifting totally a lifestyle, banishing alcohol and junk food forever. On the contrary, it is more about introducing healthy habits keeping the good old pleasures. Especially if you are a bit overweight, losing some kg will be easier and, in a virtuous loop, will improve the running performance. Just try to balance carbs, fats and proteins in the diet, avoid overuse of alcohol and sodas full of sugars, and sleep the right amount of hours during the night.

3) Create a training plan

Motivation is the enabler for success, but you need a strategy: plan your training sessions with regularity: knowing the plan will… hold you accountable for its execution, and on the same time show you the way. If you don’t know how to make a plan, or you don’t have anyone that can help you, you will find many alternatives online… and you are welcome to send me an Email to info@runforfun.eu.

4) Set realistic goals

Good will and motivations are the spark and probably the reason why you are considering to be a runner, but how many people keep going to the gym after the first month of subscription is over? Often we try hard and we cannot hold it for long, but it is always a long term challenge: imagine running a marathon starting the first miles full speed: it does not make any sense to run out of fuel when the race is nearly at half.

Therefore, start and think gradually: you cannot run more than 3K? Set 3K as your first goal. Don’t put a time limit. Baby steps will give a sense of accomplishment that will push you doing more… and better. And you will increase your mileage: motivation creates movement, and movement creates motivation.

5) Find an event that suits you

I couldn’t imagine the sense of accomplishment or the improvement of my performance moving from training to the participation to an event: seeing other people running around you and people cheering is fuel for your muscles and motivation! If your schedule requires for example to run a 10K, try to find an event nearby on a similar distance… you won’t be disappointed!

6) Tell your friends what you are doing

This is a double-edged sword: from one side, it will help you finding people supporting or even giving good advices (bring them to this website! :D). On the other hand, it is more difficult to pull out once one has declared publicly his/her own commitment!

7) Listen to your body

It is often difficult to understand during a workout session, if pain comes from “a work out which is working” or it is a symptom of a possible injury on its way: in doubt, don’t stress your body: if pain is hard to withstand, it should not be ignored.

Sometimes the inner voice can ask you to skip one training… in some cases, with good reason: you might be stressed or tired, fair enough. In other cases, without specific reason. You might indulge and skip the session: in that case, replace it with something else: hit the swimming pool, go for a long (5000 steps) walk, or a session in the gym.

Otherwise, try to lace your shoes and go anyway, even for a shorter distance… “checking” that day will be important for your motivation.

8) Run outdoor as much as possible

Running in a park in spring time is beautiful and rewarding: it is not often the same in winter time or during the hot summer (when it is not advised to run during the hottest daylight hours, and temperatures well above 25 °C (75 °F)!

Although in these conditions a treadmill is a good solution to keep training without being exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, try to limit this if you are preparing for a running event: the ground impact, the air resistance are all elements that need to be taught to your body: a preparation based on the treadmill could be not as efficient as expected. Avoid extreme weather conditions and terrains uneven (or too hard / too soft) that could cause injuries.

9) Celebrate your wins!

The training is going well? Drink one beer, eat one pizza, do something you like to do. Giving up totally to your treats is not a good long term strategy… for your soul!

10) Become a travelling runner!

Believe me, there is no better excuse for running than taking a flight to participate to an event abroad. Copenhagen, Berlin, Athens, wherever you want to go, try to find the running event that suits your expectations… and buy the tickets! You can find many suggestions here and you are as usual very welcome to contact me for questions 🙂

About The Author
Pietro I am an italian living in Denmark, where the culture of running touched me and combined with my passion for travelling. I finally found a very good excuse to visit new places: organizing running trips, usually for half marathon.

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