Edinburgh Marathon Festival

40 - 100 €












  • Good for trying a personal best
  • Charity race
  • Multi event festival


  • Be fast: it sells out
  • Some organizational bottlenecks
Edition18th (2018)
World Athletics Label Road Race:No
Expected participantsN/A
Distances42K, 21K, 10K, 5K, junior events
Type of race:Fast, road
Time limit6h 30' (42K), 3h 15' (21K), 1h 30' (10K), 45' (5K)
Review of Edinburgh Marathon Festival

May is a month when the choice of the right running event can be complicated. In some locations, summer is already kicking in, and temperatures become challenging. On the other hand, in May the running season at high latitudes is blooming, giving some interesting choices.

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival fits perfectly in this context: this multi-event weekend (including distances from 1,5K to 42K) offers a wide choices for a traveling and running experience.

The event

The program includes nine (9!) different running experiences, good for kids, experienced runners and in general all potential members of the traveling party! It is a charity event, but participation is guaranteed (no ballot or lotteries.)

One good reason to select this event is if you want to improve your personal best. The marathon and half marathon are extremely fast; in particular the 21K is a downhill path, moving from Edinburgh city to the coast villages. One peculiarity of this race is exactly the contrast moving from the aristocratic beauty of Edinburgh, to the simplicity of these villages, with kids ready to support you with candies and high fives, while you will admire the beauty and the power of the North Sea.


Considered the complexity of the event, the risk of some bottlenecks is high. Despite UK runners receive their material by regular post, I experienced a long waiting time to pick up my number.

Everything else goes well, except probably a lack of public WCs that creates other challenges if you want to… start light 😀

The course is beautiful. The chilly temperatures (average 10 °C) will put you in the best conditions for a good run. The transfer system with buses to bring you back to the starting area, collecting your belongings is also well organized.

Please note that the running T-shirt comes in the finisher box, with the medal. Bring your own running equipment, you have to gain the event T-shirt at the finish line!

Personal impressions

Amazing experience, it is really a comprehensive event, a charity (always good to do something for others) with a great spirit. A perfect combination of fun and health (that will end in haggis and whisky!) that will satisfy all you traveling runners. But also a well organized charity event, that has raised over 40 million £ since 2003 for good causes.

Did you enjoy this review of Edinburgh marathon festival? Please read also my trip advises about what to do in Edinburgh, and contact me for any question!


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