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Few years back, I thought running was very boring!

And how could be otherwise, seeing people getting up early, in the darkness, wind or even snow, to run back to the point they started? 

All changed when a friend…

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Helsingborg Half Marathon, part of the program of the Helsingborg Marathon race weekend, has been my second long distance race in Sweden so far. The idea of running this race came to me when looking for a competition in late august, beginning of September. Something that […]
I start from the assumption that I would not have registered for the Storebælt broløbet Half Marathon. In fact, I had Århus half marathon, city race in the second biggest city of Denmark on my radar, which was the day after in the same weekend. But […]
Welcome to Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city! The city has its international airport, but it is also reachable by flight and bus from the other main Lithuanian city, Kaunas. Its airport is indeed a hub for low cost companies. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and an […]
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