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Few years back, I thought running was very boring!

And how could be otherwise, seeing people getting up early, in the darkness, wind or even snow, to run back to the point they started? 

All changed when a friend…

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Krakow half marathon has been a very beautiful surprise: Krakow overdelivered this time! I decided to run this race because I haven’t so far run in Poland, and I have visited this beautiful city in the Southern part of the country, being fascinated by it. I […]
I decided to run the Cardiff half marathon about two years ago. Then, Covid-19 changed our world and the freedom of travelling, running all together or even meeting became something not granted. After few postponements, the date for my second half marathon in UK, first in […]
Today I want to talk about the world of running shoes. They are the most important item in the runner’s equipment, probably the only one we really need. Yes, there are also the heroes of barefoot running… I consider them a separate category, and adapting our […]
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