There are many more things to do in Tallinn, than what you could initially imagine: and this, also because of its interesting geographic location, which puts the Estonian capital in connection with other experiences. A ferry can take you to Helsinki in approximately two hours. You may also choose to add the other Baltic capitals (Riga, Vilnius) in your journey.

But let’s focus on what is available directly in the capital of Estonia!

General info

Estonia is a modern, very digital: online payments, services through apps or other automatized systems are very common. The currency is the Euro, and the knowledge of English in the country is very good. Other widely used languages are Russian, Finnish and, of course, Estonian. Tallinn is a bike friendly city (even though, not at the levels of Copenhagen or Amsterdam).

Like many other cities, there is a Tallinn Card available for tourists. It offers discounts or free access to many activities and transportation.

The city center and Old town

Probably Tallinn’s most iconic part, the medieval city center, was built between 13th and 16th century (Tallinn celebrates its 800th anniversary of foundation in 2019).

It is divided in low town and high town, is very well maintained: the lower part of it a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The city walls can be visited and offer a very impressive look.

A detail of Tallinn’s defensive walls

The medieval spirit of the old town is also present in many of the old buildings, especially churches. I recommend  St. Olav, St. Nicholas, and the Church of the Holy Spirit in the low town, or the Toomkirik (the Dome) in the high town.

You can choose one of the many traditional restaurants of the Old Town. I like to recommend the Olde Hansa, medieval inn where everything (even the bathrooms) is in accordance with the medieval spirit. Try the honey beer there, it is a real treat!

Another opportunity, especially if you want to relax after the race, is to try one of the spa. Many hotels offer hot tub, Jacuzzi and additional massages at acceptable prices.

The surroundings

Besides the city center, there is a lot to visit, especially if you are a nature lover: the area of Pirita, with a beach and an amazing forest (with bike lanes), perfect for a bike journey (biking the whole ring is about 55 km). You can also rent row boats, canoes and water bicycles. Consider to have lunch or dinner at the harbor in Pirita, for example at the restaurant Sardiinid.

The forest near Pirita beach

Another nice green area, for your last running session pre-event… or just for a relaxing (or romantic) walk, is Rocca al Mare: not only a beautiful coastal location, this site hosts the Estonian Open Air Museum, a forested park where traditional Estonian village life is recreated by workers dressed with costumes of old ages, and demonstrating professions of craftsmen as it was used in the middle ages.

The cultural path

Having said about the Open air Museum, also the area of Pirita hosts a famous Estonian History Museum outside Tallinn.

Among others, an interesting and a bit out of ordinary museum  in Tallinn is the Seaplane Harbour, high-tech maritime and military museum, with full scale replica of sea planes and other military vessels, as well as entertaining simulators!


You will be surprised by the amount of different activities you can do in Tallinn for a weekend. You may decide to spend just a long weekend here, or a part of a longer trip involving other European beauties: Estonia will not disappoint you! 🙂


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