Why a GPS watch for runners? Running watches and GPS trackers are more and more becoming  inseparable friends of runners. Although not necessary, this accessory is without any doubt an important running equipment. Let’s see why:

It tracks your activity with GPS

Tracking watches are useful as they can be very accurate in monitoring activity parameters like number of steps, distance, and pace. Many models measure altitude as well, and can be easily connect with apps (like Endomondo, Strava) supporting the tracking part. Although you can do it using your mobile phone, good GPS watches signal will be more accurate. Garmin for example links also to GLONASS russian satellites, offering a more precise support. All these data can be organized in trends, exported (e.g. in excel format), or simply displayed to track progress. More important: leaving your phone home can be good for comfort and relax.

It tracks health parameters

Many models today offer a continuous measurement of the hear rate through a wrist scan. This system has become quite accurate, and replaces the more bulky chest straps. This feature is very important also when you are not running: having a continuous monitoring of vital functions like heart rate, burned calories and sleep quality is something that I recommend, regardless if you are going to spend the day running the Berlin Half Marathon, or just watching movies on your sofa 🙂

It integrates mobile phone functions

Too lazy to watch your phone to read emails, answer your phone or check an SMS? You can just have a look to your watch, with its smart features. I don’t think this is the most important selling point for a runner, but it will be useful even when at your desk in the office. Unless you want to check your Emails while running, which I will not recommend!

It can play music!

Many models today can play music playlist using also well known platforms, like Spotify or Amazon Music. For who brings the phone with the only reason of pumping music in the earbuds while running, this can actually be a game changer.

It is smart and it connects you to a community

Many brands have platforms where widgets are available to personalize graphic, include apps that can give additional services, or change the main interface.  And why having a technological gadget, interfaced with a phone, without becoming part of a community? Garmin, through the main Garmin Connect app, allows you to challenge friends or other people, awarding you with badges for winning personal goals or group challenges. It helps motivation and… it is fun!

It has different price ranges

If you want a tracker for your activities, you can access something interesting with all budgets: entry level products, for only 20-30 € (like the Amazon Willful, for example), to several hundreds (like the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus). Of course, price often means something (quality, accuracy, options). My recommendation is to try to make an effort and at least buy a watch with a GPS connection.

It can be a nice accessory fashion

Running watch are not meant to be off after an activity: look at the Garmin Fenix 5, the Suunto Spartan, tell me they are just geeky pieces of technology!

It is not only for running!

Walking, yoga, tennis, squash triathlon, swimming, biking and many other sports. A running watch can provide you a lot of info about your performance and guide you to a better or faster improvement!

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