Helsingborg Marathon

50 - 100 €












  • Multi event with many options
  • The variation of the track
  • Gold plated medal!


  • The expo
  • Can be difficult to reach

Helsingborg Half Marathon, part of the program of the Helsingborg Marathon race weekend, has been my second long distance race in Sweden so far.

The idea of running this race came to me when looking for a competition in late august, beginning of September. Something that could give me the boost to keep an edge during summertime, when relax and long days may drift the attention from training and discipline. But also, to have a long run planned 2 weeks before another important appointment: the Copenhagen Half Marathon.

The booking process

The website is user friendly, very easy to consult, and with a minimal graphics that points right away to the right things. You will book easily, and know what you are getting.

It was not very clear who to contact (different Emails and recipients), and the only time I sent an Email I did not get an answer. Not too bad, it was not that important. Still though.

The T-shirt was not included in the booking but it can be bought at the Expo at a fair price (around 15€).

There are four distances available: the marathon, the half marathon, the relay race, where a team of 4 members can run either the 42K or the 21K distance, or the kids mile race. The finishers will receive a gold plated medal, so feel like an Olympic winner!

Included in the price a visit to the bath / sauna nearby the finish area with also possibility to bathe in the sea.

The organization

The expo is usually organised in the city center, inside the Elite Hotel Marina Plaza. There is a 1st time for everything and I hadn’t had the opportunity so far to have the BIB pick up organised in a conference room of an hotel.

The expo was not very large, I would honestly have expected something more, in terms of deals from race partners, exhibitions etc.


The expo in the Elite Hotel Marina Plaza

The course

Let’s have a look to the course of the Marathon and the half distance, starting from the longest distance.

The 42K course begins at Sundstorget outside of Dunkers Kulturhus in the heart of Helsingborg. The road leads the runners down a flat 7 kilometer  section to Råå Småbåtshamn which carries on to Ättekulla nature reserve.

When you reach this spot it won’t take long before you will experience two wonderful parks, Ramlösa Brunnspark and Jordbodalen. Further on the runners will reach the stunning Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens, a farm in the middle of the city, and then Helsingborg Arena and Olympia. During the second half of the course you get to see the medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö forest and Sofiero.

The course then continues down the long hill Tinkarpsbacken before you reach the fantastic finish along the ocean. The last 3300 meters on Helsingborg Marathon has permanent markers every 100 meters. 33 lines with countdown to the finish line on Gröningen. This is a big help to your mind, to be reminded that the end is not far away!

The home stretch along the ocean offers flag banners above the runners heads for the last 200 meters and when they pass the finish line they get to celebrate their achievement, facing the beautiful Öresund.

let’s see the Half Marathon route, the one I have actually completed 🙂

The start of the race is the same as the marathon and the relay outside of Dunkers Kulturhus.

The course includes 2 unique kilometers for the half marathon before connecting to the marathon course at Kärnan. The runners go through historical Gustav Adolfs Square, medieval castle Kärnan, Pålsjö forest and Sofiero.

The final part is exactly the same as the marathon, with the marks on the road, after the descent to the seaside around the 18K.

One remark about the altitude: The course has about 170 meters in altitude difference. The point is that most of the transitions are concentrated in two points: a steep hill up to Kärnan after 3 kilometers and a long descent towards the ocean after 18 kilometers.

Both routes combine different terrain, although most (80%) is asphalt with presence of gravel and trail to make the road more entertaining!

The starting point of the race

Personal impressions
I liked this race for several reasons: the combination of terrains and the route entertaining, for the variations from parks, to urban road, to architectural venues. The support of people was also great, with locals happy to cheer you up.
It is also true that the variation was also leading us out from more urban areas, where the echo of the cheering and support was replaced by silence and nature.
It was a nice comeback after summer vacation, where the need for rest and the temptations of indulging with nice food and beverages has taken a bit over my training discipline.
Therefore being able to enjoy this race and its complexity compared to other classical, urban cities, was great.
Relax on chaises longues with (alchool free) beer, chips (as well as healthier choices!) looking at the sea was a plus! 

The Helsingborg Marathon and Half Marathon is a race that will lead you through a beautiful, green and modern city. A warm welcome from the locals and the tourists, that will give you that nice boost of energy. A great show in a beautiful city.

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