Vilnius Half Marathon

20-50 €












  • Multi event with many options
  • The location
  • Nice route
  • Everything close to the city center


  • Can be difficult to reach
  • Expo could be bigger
Year of first edition:2012
World Athletics Label Road Race:No
Expected participants:4000
Distances:21K, 10K, 5K
Type of race:Flat, city run
Time limit:3 hours (21K), 90 min (10K), 45 min (5K)

The Vilnius Half Marathon race is held in spring in the beautiful capital of Lithuania.

Like many multi-events, it offers challenges on many distances. In 2023, the longer distance was the half marathon, but a 10K, a youth 5K  were in the program too.

In particular, that year was also the 700th birthday of the beautiful city, with additional celebrations for the special event. Why should you (or shouldn’t you) run this race? I will try to tell you more in the following. Starting, as usual, from the booking process.

The booking process

The website is user friendly, the english version fairly good. I reached out to the staff for few info, both on their instagram channel, and the event official Email.

In both cases, friendly and good level of support. It is possible to go through the booking process in few clicks, and you can choose wether or not to buy the event T-shirt, for an add-on price. I chose the half marathon distance.  

The organization

As already mentioned, my experience with the organization was good. Every time the response was fast and kind.

The expo is usually organised in the city center, at the Cathedral Square. Start and Finish of the race are also located in the same area.

Therefore, it is quite possible to book an hotel that will be strategically close to all you want, in this experience.

The expo is quite small, with few stands. However there is very low risk of queuing, not only because of the relatively small dimension of the event, but also due to the efficiency of the personnel. Some stands will tempt you with some last minute deal. Of course, I found an opportunity to buy something!

The Expo in Cathedral square


The course

The race begins in the heart of Vilnius, at Cathedral Square, and takes participants through the city’s charming old town and scenic parks, offering stunning views of the city’s famous landmarks, including the Vilnius Castle Complex, Gediminas’ Tower, and the Three Crosses monument. It is relatively flat.

My GPS watch counted 121 meters (400 ft) of positive gain.  

Personal impressions
Vilnius Half Marathon delivered a great show, with a vibrant atmosphere during almost everyone of the 21 Km (and definitely, the last 100 meters!).
Warm weather conditions (especially for an afternoon race, with the sun quite up in the sky).
But even warmer crowd participation, until the last meters, with the volunteers with the medals cheering for many hours. A boost of energy for our last steps. Kudos!

The cheering volunteers at the finish line

As I said, I could not call this city race “flat”. But I haven’t felt very challenging uphills during the race.
I felt it quite fast, although the course is full of change of directions. But I felt it was never boring and quite engaging, and I think that helped the whole experience.
Indeed, it was my fastest race for 2023, and I definitely enjoyed it. Beautiful the contrasts: the modern part of the city, with glass and steel skyscrapers, and the old town, with historical medieval and post-communist architecture. The green and colors of the spring blossoming, and the blue of the water. Vilnius gave us all this.
If you love city events with massive amount of people, this race could leave you a feeling of being “alone”: especially after the first 10K (when the path is common to the 10K race), the half marathoners tend to be on a more lonely path. But many love this aspect, as you may feel you have the city for yourself.
I also had the honor to run few meters next to a legend like Alexandr Sorokin, who paced the 1h for the 10K (therefore a 6:00/km). Fantastic that a person who only few weeks before was crushing the 100 km ultramarathon world record, at 5:53 pace per mile, or 3:39 per km (yes, you are reading it right!), helped many …ordinary humans to achieve their goal.

Vilnius Half Marathon is a race that will lead you through a beautiful, green and modern city, and its old past.

A warm welcome from the locals and the tourists, that will give you that nice boost of energy. A great show in a beautiful city.



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