We all know that running and motivation go hand in hand. But in the hottest days, we think more about how hard can be to be motivated for a run outside!

When I am writing this post, we are in mid July. I like to see the glass always full, when it comes to summer weather and running. If it is too hot, it is then possible to go somewhere to enjoy the sun and good company. But if temperatures drop in the range of 20 °C (or 70 °F, if you prefer), running is much easier.

I have already written some time ago my tips and advices when running with hot temperatures. This post will not be a redundant one: I would like to talk more about those triggers that sometimes lead us where we wouldn’t think we could.

I am talking about running and motivation, as these days it is not easy to go out and run in what seems an open furnace, or to get up at least 2 hours before usual, to avoid it.

We all know that we cannot inject a vial of motivation in our blood, or eat scoops of motivation for dinner. That would be too easy, and that is probably what makes this small word so important.

Actually we could already describe two kind of motivation: internal and external.

I am not a big fan of the second one, although it can be a good short term driver. You want to impress your better one? Show your parents how good you are? Win a prize in a local competition to show off? Nothing wrong with that.

Only this type of rewards are usually good to satisfy specific needs, but not your true self. Especially if they were linked to some dangerous habits: the fear of others’ judgement, and the seek for others’ approval. If you cope with running and motivation for reasons connected with these two, it can feel like a duty, and you would not appreciate – or be grateful – for the great progresses you are doing.

Yes, because these two drivers are often something in common: you may feel that what you have done is never enough. But running is a personal, healthy competition with yourself at best. Or simply some time for yourself, and to keep in shape. Unless you are an elite runner, of course!

Therefore, I live it better since I found my internal motivation. And I try to be consistent with it.

I think that’s the key: because once you do something for you, and you like it, you will go back to that. And with running, endorphins will ask for more. Motivation will create movement, and movement will create motivation. A positive circle, as long as you are true and honest with yourself and your inner why.

And you? Do you agree? Where do you find your motivation from?


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