What are the feelings when you run at an event?

When you run in an event, like an half marathon, or a full one, sometimes you are alone. Alone with your thoughts, your heartbeat, your pace, your breath.

When you run in an event, you are not alone. You are part of a big snake, departing from a line called START, and arriving to one called FINISH. Regardless if you are in the hear, the belly or the tail of the snake, you are part of this beautiful movement.

You are not alone, because there is always someone next to you. Someone faster, someone slower. It does not matter as long as you give 100% of yourself. As someone said, you compete only with yourself: if you cross the line, you are the winner: there are only winners.

There are people screaming your name, cheering, applauding you. There is music, colors and even smells for your senses. The taste of the fresh water at the refreshments, the cold touch of wind, rain or even hail, or the warm one of the post race hugs.

There is the weight of the medal hanging on your neck. It is not for the single mile, 10K, 21K, or 42K you have been running. It is all the workouts, early mornings, late afternoons and weekends sweating for this. It’s about that cocktail less “because you are good”. The time you could have done something else, but you actually wanted this.

It is about the memories that this event will create, that will live with you forever, and you will remember time to time, like when opening a good bottle of wine.

It is so many funny things happening before, after or even during the race, that will give you a reason to smile even years later.

It’s going there with friends (runners or not), to visit a well-known or a totally new place with different eyes. It is the shower post race, the sweet sensation of being tired and yet very satisfied.

It is that feeling during the race “why am I doing this again!” and that craving for the next one, just after the event.

It is improving your time and doing your best, but without making it an obsession; a lesson to inspire motivation and positive feelings. Running, unlike sometimes life, is a fair game: a good workout always pays off, in the long… run.

It is a way to meet fantastic, open-minded people around the globe. A journey with yourself and other that I would recommend to anyone. And you, have you tried it? 🙂

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