Few years back, I thought running was very boring!

And how could be otherwise, seeing people getting up early, in the darkness, wind or even snow, to run back to the point they started? 😀

All changed when a friend challenged me to run a half marathon in Berlin. I laughed first. I cannot even run 5K, how could I run 21K? But I like challenges, and I ended doing it. It was not bad! Actually, it was fun!

Well, I barely made it, and I had pain everywhere in the lower part of my body. I went to a running shop (and learned new words like pronation or supination) and two months later I was running alone in Iceland my second half marathon.

I have always loved travelling, and doing it to go running adds a lot to it! I organize now trip with friends and helped some to run their first time, with advises and support.

I think running is a fair sport. You want to improve, you work out. You do not work out, you won’t improve. It boosts self esteem and teaches us that our limits can always be pushed.

It does not matter how far and how fast you go: there will always be someone faster, and someone slower. Your best companion in this journey is yourself!

have ran many marathons and half marathons, touching 15 different countries (and counting)! The journey is on. Every medal collected tells a lot of great stories, people met, food and drinks tried, laughs and memories I will always keep with me.

Therefore I launched Runforfun.eu, the community thought for traveling runners that want to share experiences across the world.

I hope you enjoy the journey and will join with your own experience, so please lace your shoes, look into the categories below and contact me for any suggestion to make this place better!

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