Kraków Half Marathon

15 - 30 €












  • The location
  • Amazing organization
  • Value for money


  • Some parts of the course
  • Distance from the center
Year of 1st Edition:2014
World Athletics Label Road Race:No
Expected participants:7000 (21K)
Distances:21K, 5K
Type of race:Fast, road
Time limit:3h (21K), 40' (5K)

Krakow half marathon has been a very beautiful surprise: Krakow overdelivered this time! I decided to run this race because I haven’t so far run in Poland, and I have visited this beautiful city in the Southern part of the country, being fascinated by it. I was expecting a good race, I found a great one.

The booking process

The access to the website is quite user friendly. You will have the possibility to chose to have the T-shirt included or not in the race pack, having therefore two prices. The difference was only in the range of 7-8 €, so I opted for having the T-shirt. I have many, but it is always a nice souvenir. Plus the one they delivered in 2022 was a good quality one, from the sponsor Asics.

The information you need are there, and there is a runner’s guide available (updated before the race) with lots of useful info.

The organization

The expo is located close to the starting and finish point, the beautiful Tauron arena. Therefore, if you will stay in the city (which I recommend), you will need to get there by public transport. This is not an issue, the arena is well connected and – at least in 2022 – the runners had free access to the public transport on race day.

The expo was very well organised (no queuing) and the amount of stands, and the quality, was higher than anticipated. On race day, everything worked fine. The amount of bathrooms was so high I could not see any line to access them (impressive, right?). Also access to the changing rooms of the arena was allowed, so if you needed a shower afterwards it was easy. Easy also the access to the starting lines (Bib numbers colored differently based on expected finish time. There are pacers, in the 2022 edition covering the following times: 1:25, and every 10 minutes from 1:30 to 2:10.    

The course

The course starts and ends at the Tauron arena. This is already an interesting element: starting from the end, you will finish inside the iconic sport center, open to whoever wants to cheer the heroes of the 21K, and with music, strobo lights and animation.

The predominately flat and fast course makes it ideal for beginners and elites.

A view during the race


The race departs from the Tauron arena and develops along the Wisla river from west to east. The way back to the sport center allows the runners to pass inside the pictoresque city center, the Stare Miasto district with the beautiful Rinek square. The northern side of the river will lead the runners inside the Tauron arena for the finisher’s party!

Personal impressions
This race is wow! The organization is a perfect mechanism: one example? No lines for the bathroom before the start. I kow, I already said that but if you have run in such an event, you know how difficult this can be! 
Although the race develops outside the center, it felt like a journey to go and visit it. A promise where you know, that you will get there. And around 13K, you enter the beauty of the small jewel that the Rinek center is, surrounded by the crowd cheering you.
Maybe the only really boring part was the long straight part leading outside the west side of the city, to be run back and forth, between 9-12 km. But all in all, including the presence of bands and entertainment, a great experience.
Special mention to the finish in the Tauron arena. Again, wow! A celebration with special lights, and a great stadium and way to end a race. Interesting also the post-race, with many stands to continue the recovery outside the arena.

Finish at Tauron arena


A beautiful race in a beautiful city, with a good airport with many connections and low budget options. I definitely recommend this race!

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