The canadian marathoner and dad  Lucas McAneney not only won Sunday’s Buffalo Marathon in Buffalo, N.Y. but did it with his two-year-old son Sutton along for the ride.

McAneney pushed a stroller for the entire race in an attempt to break Canadian Calum Neff’s Guinness world record (there must be something about this specialty and being Canadian!) for the fastest marathon while pushing a stroller.

The attempt did not end well record wise, but McAneney won the race, with the outstanding time of 2:33:29, missing Neff’s world record of 2:31:21 set at the 2016 Toronto Waterfront Marathon (again Canada!) while pushing his 4-year-old daughter.

Dave Cook is the athlete finishing second, without a stroller, in 2:33.48.

Great achievement, I have two personal remarks:

  1. I think Sutton was the one ahead in the stroller, so he is technically the winner 😉 Kudos Sutton!
  2.  Sutton is 2 years old and has already an amazing personal best on the Marathon 🙂



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