The summer solstice date brings a series of interesting experiences. One is running with the midnight sun. Tromsø midnight sun marathon allows you to live this experience.
I have personally already ran a similar event in Iceland, finding unique the possibility of a sunlight night run, surrounded by the beauty of the natural landscapes.
Tromsø is a norwegian city above the artic polar circle, very active in organizing running experiences. The calendar starts in January with the Polar Night half marathon, a competition (hosting in parallel a 10K and 5K race), ran in the darkness by about 2000 brave runners, with the opportunity – if lucky enough – to admire the beautiful northern lights.
During the year Tromsø hosts also a snowshoe race, and a trail run in the nature nearby. Bottomline: there is something for all tastes!
Focusing on the Midnight Sun marathon, it is another event very inclusive. The event usually gathers more than 6000 participants from all over the world.
There is a distance for everybody: Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon, Coop Mila (10k), MSM Mini-marathon (4,2k) and Kids Marathon (800m).
The venue is very scenografic, a deep immersion in the local architectures and nature, with locals that will gather along the course to cheer the runners on through the streets of Tromsø.
The area
Tromsø is a small island, measuring ca 10km from north to south. The airport (Langnes) is located at the island itself, and with the airport Shuttlebus or taxi, it takes 10-15min to get to the city centre. The airport Shuttlebus also stops outside most of the city hotels.
There are many activities that can be done before or after the race. For example, kayaking in the bauty of the local nature, hike in the local surroundings, boat trips with whale sightseeing. In winter, haunt of northern lights and sled trips are interesting options.
The course
The courses of the various distances can be found on the website of the event here: a lot of beautiful coastal paths moving from and back to the city center.
Why should you run this race?
A well organised, unique opportunity to run (in weather conditions usually good) a different experience from an usual city run. Drag yourself above the artic polar circle and live this experience!

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