Are you looking for a race in summertime, and an experience different from the ordinary? The Enkelana night Half Marathon in Albania can be the right solution for you.
This night half marathon will take place for the first time on July 30th 2022 by the lake Ohrid, in Albania. The expectation of the organiser is to host around 600 – 1000 runners worldwide. The event includes also a 10K race. It is a good opportunity if you want to go with someone who feels 21K is too much (and the best way to convince them to increase the distance next time 😉 )
The course
The runners will start from the village of Lin to the city of Pogradec on a completely paved path. The track is flat and it will be most of the time close to the lakeside. The course allow the runners to admire the local natural landscapes.
A very interesting itinerary will be traversed mixing inhabited centers and natural places that preserved the historical identity.
The area
The city of Pogradec is located on the southwestern shores of Lake Ohrid and is one of the most notable cities of Albania for its tradition of hosting family tourism.
The average maximum temperature in July is 28 °C, but the minimum average is 14 °C. This means that the chances of having moderate conditions during the night run are fairly good.
It is also a great opportunity to visit an interesting territory. In ancient times, Lin peninsula – the starting point – used to be the favorite holiday destination of the Roman Emperor Justinian’s parents. In addition to the enchanting views, you can also visit the old mosaics of the ancient basilica of Lin.

lake view

lake view

What to do nearby
The road to Pogradec passes along the shore of the tectonic Lake Ohrid, the deepest lake in the Balkans (285 m). This 2-4 million-year-old lake is under UNESCO protection due to its unique value. It is home to 17 species of aquatic animals. The sponge of Ohrid is found only here and in Lake Baikal.
This is also an opportunity for food lovers! By the lakeside, you will find restaurants, clubs, and comfortable hotels, serving traditional fish dishes, like the baked speckled trout (Koran in Albanian), as well as the famous pickles.
You might also try the various local wines, like the traditional unique wine of Buti, or the famous Perla and Moskat raki of Pogradec.
How to get there
The city of Pogradec is reachable by the airports of Ohrid, Tirana or Skopje, plus connections with car or bus. 
Why should you run this race?
In a period of the year when the race calendar offer less opportunities, and we may be looking for running vacations out of the ordinary, the Enkelana night half marathon race is definitely worth considering!

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