Although not considered a mainstream destination in Europe, Bucharest is a city offering a lot to do, to see… and to eat and drink! Let’s go and let me show you some things to do in Bucharest:

The Parliament Palace

The Palatul Parlamentului (Parliament Palace) is one of the most impressive buildings in Romania, and in the entire world. Ordered by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, it beats many world records. It is the heaviest building in the world, over 4 million of tons, and on the podium for largest extension. If you want to buy it, its value is 3 billion USD, and the bill for heat and electricity is about 6 million USD per year. But it is not on sale, being today the house of the Romanian Parliament.

Palatul parlamentului… before the race

Explore the Romanian cuisine

In Romania you can find a very interesting food experience. With its typical central European traditions lasting for centuries, you can find delicious treats for low budgets. The country has good wines (if you don’t like it, try the local lemonades) and there is always a chance to taste local beers. Slow cooked soups, dishes with meats (grilled, but also stews) are good recommendations.

A place I want to recommend is the Caru Cu Bere, traditional and famous restaurant that hosts locals as well as tourists in its typical old-fashioned venue. I highly recommend to reserve in advance.

Traditional music show at Caru cu bere

Visit the castles of the vampire

Romania and Transilvania are usually associated with the myth of vampires. Vlad Tepes, also named Vlad Dracul and known as the impaler, had a reputation that was associated with vampirism.

Although the burial place of Dracula is unknown, the popular tradition says that his mortal body rests just 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Bucharest, in an isolated island monastery in the middle of Lake Snagov. A visit that can easily fit a weekend trip.


There is much more to discover: a land where you can still breath and experience its traditions can conquer you. If you are up to visit a location outside the main touristic flow, with curiosity and open mind, Bucharest can be the alternative for your planning.

Did you enjoy my traveling tips? Find here my review of the Bucharest Half Marathon event! Contact us or find below how to book your trip to Bucharest!

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