The Black Friday is a fixed appointment for all classes of customers. There are many fixed and on-line stores that create the most attractive deals in this post-thanksgiving weekend, dragged by the global competition. Therefore, runners can find good deals in this period, if they know where to look… and if they resist to compulsive shopping!

Let’s see some of the best deals that some of the global E-commerce are putting together.

Some examples

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon giant is leading the way as usual, with its Black Friday’s week. On the website good deals on Garmin watches. The discount  for the Forerunner models 935 and 945 is about 20%.

Speaking of GPS trackers, I recommend to look into the deals of many electronic stores, like Mediaworld (somewhere called Mediamarkt), and similar. But they are also well promoted in sport stores, like Sportmaster: the danish webpage offers the Garmin Forerunner 735XT with a 52% discount. In this case, good deals for trainers, trousers and running equipment can be found.

Decathlon is also providing a week of special deals. I visited the Italian shop, providing a terrific offer for the Garmin Forerunner 235,  and good deals especially for winter training gear.

In conclusion, Black Friday for runners can be a good opportunity to buy something you need, at affordable price. In particular, high budget items as running shoes or GPS trackers. For the last ones in particular, the Cyber Monday (i.e., the Monday after, targeting electronic products) gives a second chance for good deals. But be careful and don’t overdo, buying something you don’t need 🙂

Events on sale

There are also some events you can subscribe with a special price during the Black Friday week. If you find someone else, please contact me and I will add to the list!

Limassol Marathon (Cyprus) 70% of discount if running with a friend, until 03/12/2019

Helsinki City Running Day (Finland), several discounts for all competitions, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Corsa dell’Amicizia Eboli Half Marathon (Italy), 20€ tickets, only on Friday & Saturday 29-30/11/2019

Firenze Marathon (Italy) 30€ tickets, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Jesolo Half Marathon (Italy) 50% discount, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Maratona della maga Circe (Italy) 20€ tickets, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Maratona delle Cattedrali (Italy) 30€ tickets, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Parma Half Marathon (Italy) 10€ tickets, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Ravenna Marathon (Italy) 30€ tickets for the 42K, 22€ tickets for the 21K, only on Friday & Saturday 29-30/11/2019

San Miniato Half Marathon (Italy), 5€ discount, only on Friday 29/11/2019

Venice Marathon (Italy) 50% discount, only on Friday 29/11/2019

White Marble Marathon (Italy), discount to be asked on the website during the weekend 29-30/11, 01/12/2019)

Rock’n’Roll Madrid (Spain) Several discounts (up to 10€) on all the event races.

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