Running the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2019, my fourth edition of this event in the city I live, has been amazing for several reasons. First of all, many friends have been running this event, giving that unique feeling mutual support that is gasoline for running these competitions. In particular, my partner in crime Cristina (this was actually my Christmas gift for her), and my friend Benoît.

I did not run an event with Cristina since Bucharest Half Marathon 2018. She is the one that turned me into a traveling runners, and she is the perfect partner for these experiences. Benoît is a work colleague who couldn’t run (I should say drag himself) for more than 5 km, only twelve weeks ago. My influence skills worked hard on his “can do” attitude. And he finally got his ticket for the event.

Just in time, because this year this IAAF gold label race was sold out with 25.000 participants at the starting blocks. Copenhagen beautifully welcomed with the usual passion for the race. But let’s go with what went wrong and what went well!

What went wrong

Copenhagen! You are beautiful and these works on the roads will not take your charm away! But honestly, some fences and road works are more visible than in other years and gave the impression (not wrong) of a city full of construction works. In some cases, slowing a bit down the group, not much but we are talking of the fastesthalf marathon in the world, every second counts! It is probably just the make up for 2020, when the event will be in the SuperHalfs circuit with other four European cities.

Some little changes in the organization created lines at the BIB pickup (too few people at the tee shirts section). Not huge bottlenecks but this was the event I never experienced a bottleneck whatsoever. Again, small details that are remarks only for a gold label race.

Never put your running clothes on, in the morning, without checking. I had to put one of my favourite Adidas supernova shorts, the ones with internal underpants. Instead, I took a Joma, same colour… without underpants. I basically noticed after taking my trousers off at the bag delivery of the mistake. So yes, this is my first race without underpants. I was afraid of many possible frictions happening during the race… fortunately, no problems to my private parts 😀

What went well

I had a personal best! almost 8 minutes down, from Copenhagen 2016 (it actually is a fast run!). The conditions for running were optimal, and the forecast wind was not as terrible as anticipated. This is also confirmed by the new world record of the distance, signed by Geoffrey Kamworor, with an outstanding 58:01.

I discovered that… hard work and training pays off! I had a 12 week plan that was respected very well (average of 40 km / week). Ok, I replaced some repetition with steady run or fartlek… I will be honest. But work out pays! That’s why real runners go out and sweat in between events! This will give me motivation for the future.

The T-shirt (nike dri fit) and medal extremely beautiful. For my personal opinion, the best running T-shirt received in a competition (including the former editions of the event) so far! Well done!

Cristina and Benoît did an outstanding job and completed the race. It was emotional to wait and see them crossing the line 21.1 (actually 21.6, I am never good at choosing the right path… that costed 3 minutes!) km, with that sense of accomplishment. I know we will run again side by side!

Arrivederci Copenhagen: I am sure we will keep shining again together!

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