Are you a runner or a jogger? Let’s start from the beginning: I don’t think there is a clear separation, or better, the difference can be blurry.
In my opinion, as soon as you dedicate time to practice some sport in a healthy way – it can be bike, swimming or hiking – you are doing the right thing for your body (and mind). Then you can get back to your couch with a sense of victory and accomplishment!

But I have been thinking and discussing with some friends this matter, and there is this simple test: answer to these questions and see what type are you:

1) High frequency and motivation

A jogger will find the time to do his or her 20-30 minutes of running, even few times per week. It won’t probably be a problem to skip or postpone, in case of rain or just lack of mood. Running will be a pleasant activity that can fill some vacant slots in a planned week.
A runner will set the running program first, and fill the rest with activities in compliance 🙂 therefore, skipping a training will hit the conscience… and not easily tolerated! A runner will run a certain (20? 30? 40?) amount of kilometers per week. A jogger much less, probably not counting accurately neither distance nor duration.

2) Pace and improvement

The pace of the jogger is usually conversational. This means not only that it is set to a relatively low level allowing continued chatting, but also that its value is not that important. A runner’s pace will be conversational only in some parts of the training, as the goal is to improve the performance, pushing the limits.
The runner will focus on its pace and its improvement: time for chatting or relaxed paces is limited. That’s also why nowadays it is difficult to see a runner without a GPS tracker that will tell an unspeakable amount of data, extremely important for the runner, quite boring or useless for the rest of the world!

3) Participation to events

Often a runner is not only working out on its shape, but to prepare an event. Regardless if it is a 5K or an ultra marathon, he or she will choose some of them, set a goal, and the training strategy. Not many joggers are interested in competitions: the running experience provided by jogging in the park, or around the block, is good enough.

4) Talking about running

I am noticing this about myself. A runner will always find a way to sneak running arguments into a conversation. And if someone dives in… the conversation can soon turn into a monologue. We talk of running, we like to talk of running, we can turn any conversation into running. Be advised and please help us! If you hate it, hang out with a jogger 🙂

5) Choice of equipment and accessories

A jogger will hit the roads nicely dressed. A runner has a strong opinion, not only on the colors and fashion impact, but on the technical combinations. Compression socks, stability shoes, runners’ goggles, heartbeat bands, GPS trackers… there are accessories that most of the joggers don’t even know. Have you heard of any of the ones mentioned before? If not, maybe you are a jogger 😉 you can have a look here for a description of main running equipment!

6) Apps and technology

A jogger will use from zero to one (!) app for tracking its performances. A runner will probably use more, and have tried much more. Check your phone and see how many apps connected with running are installed! Too many, eh?

7) Food habits

Carbs for energy, proteins for muscular fit, food is also a way to improve performance. Too many calories would entail a weight gain, that can impact performance. On the contrary, losing weight can mean less energy or strength. Apps like myfitnesspal can help tracking the caloric balance and weight, integrated with the training plan. A jogger is usually not that focused on it, appreciating the impact of a regular training on weight control.

8) Reading about running

If you arrived here, you would like to know if you are a runner or a jogger. I think you already know the answer… 🙂 runners are often interested in reading about their passion, searching info and fun facts in blogs like this one!


In my opinion, if you had 5 or more answers pointing to the runner, you can definitely consider to be part of that group! Otherwise, I would say you are a jogger, master of the art of keeping this activity as a routine, without making it an addiction!

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