Bucharest Half Marathon

25 - 40 €












  • Well organized multi-event race
  • Accessible budget


  • Tough track for a city run

Edition9th (2021)
World Athletics Label Road Race:No
Expected participants2900 (21K)
Distances21K, 10K, 2.5K, relay, kids run
Type of raceCity run, multi event
Time limit3 hours (21K)


Are you looking for a running event in spring that can involve runners aiming at different distances, especially if you have kids? Would you like to visit a beautiful European capital, aside the most popular destinations? Does the majesty of the communist architecture, and its palaces and squares, fascinate you?

If you answer yes to these question, you should definitely consider to participate to the Bucharest Half Marathon. Here is my review of the event!

This event, sponsored by Volkswagen and arriving to the 9th edition in 2020, has impressed me positively for the quality of the organization. High the number of volunteers, of activities organized alongside the race, and the beauty of the start/finish area.

The program

The Bucharest Half Marathon program includes a wide range of events for different type of runners (or wannabe):

  • Kids an teens races (0.9K, 1.4K, 2.5K) divided in age categories;
  • Two shorter distance (2.5K and 10K) races for adults;
  • A 3×7 km relay to cover the half marathon distance in teams of three (you can enroll your team of three, or find a spot into an existing team);
  • The main event, the 21K half marathon race.
Impressions and feedbacks

The EXPO flows well and the waiting time for the BIB pick-up is fairly good. The only downside was that fact that I had to opt for a one size bigger T-shirt, as many sizes, especially the most required, ran out fast.

The venue is the square next to the Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului), the heaviest palace in the world, ordered by the Romanian dictator Ceausescu. The running path proceeds through large streets surrounded by beautiful neo-classical buildings.

I did not train well for the event (my fault!) and the temperature was about 25 °C (ca. 75 °F), quite a higher temperature than what I was experiencing in Denmark at the time. As a result, I personally found the course very hard. Besides my personal pain moments, it is considered a quite fast track.

I was positively surprised from this event: although is not probably your first choice,  you should definitely take it into consideration planning your spring calendar!

Further questions? Hence, don’t hesitate and contact me 🙂

Did you enjoy this review of Bucharest half marathon event? Read more about the next edition of this race, and find here trip advises about what to do in Bucharest with options for booking your journey to Bucharest!!


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