Iceland Midnight Sun Run

25 - 40 €












  • Great location and track
  • Warm bath included
  • Midnight sun experience


  • The weather factor
  • Accessibility (far away) and budget
  • Race day in mid-week
Edition:29th (2022)
World Athletics Label Road Race:No
Expected participants (21K):800
Distances:21K, 10K, 5K
Type of race:Multi terrain, city run, hilly
Time limit:3 hours

This is my review of the Iceland Midnight Sun Run, my second running event; two months after running my first half marathon in Berlin, the combination of good vibes, endorphins, and realization that t I found another good excuse to travel, put me on the search of the next event, which would have been my first solo experience as a travelling runner.

There were many options in the June-July period; Iceland was so appealing, that in few hours I already booked the whole trip.

Yes, I ran the Iceland Midnight Sun Run as my second half marathon, and some of the reasons for the choice are easily understandable: first of all, it is a chance for running in Iceland, a country anyone should visit at least once in lifetime. Secondly, it gives the unique opportunity to run with the midnight sun, given the very long days at that latitude. Third, you have a spa bath included in the running package after race!

The event is sponsored, and taking the name by Suzuki. The amount of participants is not very high, although increasing and approaching the 1000 units. The running course is very beautiful and scenic, beginning in the streets of the valley Laugardalur and turning partly into a trail path, following to the Elliðaárdalur valley area outside Reykjavik, following the path of the Elliðaár river and by the lake Rauðavatn.

As you can imagine, the path is very scenic with intense changes of color due to the contrast between the red soil and the multi-color show given by the local flora. Many runners stop to take selfies and pictures of this natural wonder. Although so scenic, the 21.1 km course is demanding, being hilly especially in its central part.

The event is well organized and everything proceeds smoothly; its size does not crate risks for bottlenecks and issues. As a consequence, the expo is also small, so is public participation. But this is not necessarily a negative side, in an event where nature is the main protagonist.

After the race, a pleasant bonus: the access to the Laugardalslaug Geothermal Pool free for all the runners until 1 AM, a chance for a warm relaxing hot tub bath, before going happily back to your hotel.

Speaking of accommodation, I rented an apartment as I found many hotels sold out. The midnight sun brings a lot of tourists to the volcanic island and chances can be limited. Living in a Scandinavian country broadened my options to reach the destination with a fair budget. If you come from distant locations, I recommend to book this trip earlier than others, possibly few months in advance. Considering also that the race day is usually on a Thursday, a minimum stay of 4-5 days is advised.

Did you enjoy this review of the Iceland Midnight Sun Run? If you have further questions please contact me and read my travelling tips for Iceland with options for booking your trip!


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