Summarizing the things to do in Berlin in a single post is very difficult. I will provide few suggestions according to my personal opinion, and some recommendations for food and drink!

The Mitte district

The central district is an amazing part of the city. You will run  through the Unter der Linden boulevard, but this area deserves a more depth and relaxed visit. The boulevard, departing from the famous gate, gets its name being literally “under the linden trees”. It departs from themajestic Brandenburg Tor arriving to the Museum Island, with fives museums. The area is full of historical buildings like cathedrals, embassies, university and library.

On the way to the Checkpoint Charlie, reminding us the wall and the history of the city, there is the Maximilian Berlin. German beer and food at will in a cozy atmosphere.


This central park, named after the district it belongs, is a green pulsing heart of the city, where berliners go for a jog, a walk, a bike ride, or in the good season to sunbath, surrounded by landmarks like the column of victory (Siegessäule), and places to eat a sausage with a cold beer, or an ice cream. It is also the location of the famous Berlin Zoo, situated on a 33 hectars area. And of course, if you are willing to run, the ring is about 5 km (3 miles)!

The Café am Neuen See in the park is worth a visit especially, in my opinion, for the beautiful Beer Garden, cozy and green: it will give you an experience in the experience.

Exploring the rivers

There are many opportunities to have a different perspective of the city, exploring it by the rivers. Many companies offer this service and if you buy a city tourism card, there might be offers or discounts. You can find here many info for river cruises in Berlin, and another chance (although April could be challenging for that) is to rent a kayak.

Did you enjoy my travelling tips? Find here my review of the Berlin Half Marathon event! Contact us or find here below how to book your trip to Berlin!

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