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Running in the Covid-19 era
Image August 12, 2021 Running journey Pietro

I waited for writing this article for a long time, hoping for the best that the world as we knew it only one year and a half ago, would come back. Unfortunately, things were harder than expected. I will not write a post discussing how this pandemic disrupted all our lives: we all know it

Music or not music?
Image November 24, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Music or not music? That is the question… or the debate. Many of us cannot hit the road without their headsets, connected to a device (a mobile phone, or a running watch) providing music. Without trying to be scientific, I would like to give some reasons why you should – or shouldn’t – listening to

Running and winter holidays
Image November 21, 2019 News Pietro

Christmas and New Year’s give a chance to celebrate, and make wishes for the new year. You can spend it with your beloved ones, or alone. At home or somewhere else. But as a runner, you have several options to run! Yes, because there are many events organized for the new year you may want

Feelings behind when you run an event
Image November 14, 2019 Running journey Pietro

What are the feelings behind when you run an event? When you run in an event, like an half marathon, or a full one, you are alone. Alone with your thoughts, your heartbeat, your pace, your breath. When you run in an event, you are not alone. You are part of a big snake, departing

How to run 10K in 8 weeks
Image November 13, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Before answering the key question “how to run 10K in 8 weeks?” we need to clarify some elements first: We are not setting a time goal This introduction is for beginners, not used to run medium or long distances. Although for a runner, setting a time goal is part of the game, here the target

Bari Half Marathon
Image October 28, 2019 Event review Pietro

I decided to run the Bari Half Marathon for several reasons: first of all, it is the part of Italy where I am from. This has been only my second Half Marathon in Italy, and I like the idea to combine a trip to my family to a running event. Secondly, the weather conditions are

Helsinki City Running Day
Image September 22, 2019 Event review Pietro

The Helsinki City Running day is an event, usually in May, organized in the Finnish capital. It includes several races, for all type of participants. There are in fact full marathon, half marathon, a 5K walking or running event and a mini marathon for kids. A differentiating factor of this event is the possibility, for

Are you a runner or a jogger?
Image September 2, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Are you a runner or a jogger? Let’s start from the beginning: I don’t think there is a clear separation, or better, the difference can be blurry. In my opinion, as soon as you dedicate time to practice some sport in a healthy way – it can be bike, swimming or hiking – you are

Why a GPS watch for runners?
Image August 22, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Why a GPS watch for runners? Running watches and GPS trackers are more and more becoming  inseparable friends of runners. Although not necessary, this accessory is without any doubt an important running equipment. Let’s see why: It tracks your activity with GPS Tracking watches are useful as they can be very accurate in monitoring activity

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon
Image August 13, 2019 Uncategorized Pietro

Review of Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon Since I started traveling to participate to running competitions, Prague Half Marathon was on my bucket list. I am in love with this city, capable of assuming different nuances of beauty. Dark and mysterious in the night or with bad weather, Prague puts a fancy dress with the good