Tag: city run

Tag: city run

Verona Marathon
Image November 20, 2019 Event review Pietro

Italy is a country famous for its art, food, wine, history… but not many know how interesting is the amount of running events organized in my country. A list offering many options for who wants to combine the enjoyment of the elements listed above, with the sense of accomplishment of crossing a finish line. Oddly

Bari Half Marathon
Image October 28, 2019 Event review Pietro

I decided to run the Bari Half Marathon for several reasons: first of all, it is the part of Italy where I am from. This has been only my second Half Marathon in Italy, and I like the idea to combine a trip to my family to a running event. Secondly, the weather conditions are

Brussels Marathon
Image October 7, 2019 Event review Pietro

Writing the Brussels Marathon review (I actually subscribed to the half marathon!) was interesting for two reasons. The first one, the usual interest in writing down my impression on the event’s strengths and weaknesses. The second point is that this is the first time I have been booking an event just the week before. In

Tallinn Marathon
Image September 27, 2019 Event review Admin Admin

My first race in the Autumn season was the biggest running event in the Baltic area, the Tallinn Marathon. It was a hard choice between two races for a Libra, but at the end, Tallinn won against the Vilnius Marathon, thanks to its superb homepage, Facebook and Instagram sites. They used these media for daily

Helsinki City Running Day
Image September 22, 2019 Event review Pietro

The Helsinki City Running day is an event, usually in May, organized in the Finnish capital. It includes several races, for all type of participants. There are in fact full marathon, half marathon, a 5K walking or running event and a mini marathon for kids. A differentiating factor of this event is the possibility, for

Athens Half Marathon
Image July 23, 2019 Event review Pietro

How many runners dream of participating to an event in Athens? I am therefore glad to review the Athens half marathon for travelling runners. The full marathon official event connects Athens with Marathon, as it was covered by the Greek soldier Philippides to deliver the message of victory against the Persians in Athens’ acropolis, 2500

Bucharest Half Marathon
Image July 22, 2019 Event review Pietro

Introduction Are you looking for a running event in spring that can involve runners aiming at different distances, especially if you have kids? Would you like to visit a beautiful European capital, aside the most popular destinations? Does the majesty of the communist architecture, and its palaces and squares, fascinate you? If you answer yes

Amsterdam Marathon & Half Marathon
Image July 19, 2019 Event review Pietro

I strongly recommend the Amsterdam Marathon event (sponsored by TCS with a long lasting partnership) especially for a group journey, and for various good reasons: not only Amsterdam is an amazing european capital, that can satisfy… all kind of appetites (sex, drugs… and rock and roll! but also art, landscapes, food and nightlife). The program

Iceland Midnight Sun Run
Image July 17, 2019 Event review Pietro

This is my review of the Iceland Midnight Sun Run, my second running event; two months after running my first half marathon in Berlin, the combination of good vibes, endorphins, and realization that t I found another good excuse to travel, put me on the search of the next event, which would have been my

Berlin Half Marathon
Image July 16, 2019 Event review Pietro

Preable My running experience is relatively short, as five years ago I couldn’t run five kilometers without panting in pain. I was considering also running itself a boring activity… Many factors turned me into a travelling runner: one of the most important being the fact that my first half marathon was an outstanding experience.  It