Category: Running journey

Category: Running journey

Running in the Covid-19 era
Image August 12, 2021 Running journey Pietro

I waited for writing this article for a long time, hoping for the best that the world as we knew it only one year and a half ago, would come back. Unfortunately, things were harder than expected. I will not write a post discussing how this pandemic disrupted all our lives: we all know it

How to predict your performance
Image November 29, 2019 Running journey Pietro

How to predict your performance in a race, knowing your actual pace per minute? This info would be useful as we don’t often cover the full distance, while preparing an event. Many plans suggest to run up to a 70-75% of the target distance, before the tapering phase. So, besides experience and gut feelings, is

Music or not music?
Image November 24, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Music or not music? That is the question… or the debate. Many of us cannot hit the road without their headsets, connected to a device (a mobile phone, or a running watch) providing music. Without trying to be scientific, I would like to give some reasons why you should – or shouldn’t – listening to

Looking back the running season
Image November 19, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Looking back the running season 2019, it has been an interesting and inspiring year. I can do this balance today, after having participated to the Verona Marathon this last weekend. I think winter is kicking in and the number of options becoming reduced, in this part of the world. This is also the moment to

Feelings behind when you run an event
Image November 14, 2019 Running journey Pietro

What are the feelings behind when you run an event? When you run in an event, like an half marathon, or a full one, you are alone. Alone with your thoughts, your heartbeat, your pace, your breath. When you run in an event, you are not alone. You are part of a big snake, departing

How to run 10K in 8 weeks
Image November 13, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Before answering the key question “how to run 10K in 8 weeks?” we need to clarify some elements first: We are not setting a time goal This introduction is for beginners, not used to run medium or long distances. Although for a runner, setting a time goal is part of the game, here the target

Running in cold weather
Image November 11, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Winter is coming, as house Stark says if you are fans of Game of Thrones. But if, instead of (or alongside with) spending weekends on TV series, your goal is to keep running in cold weather, there are few things to be taken care of. In particular, there are some mistakes or misconceptions we need

Why should you run?
Image October 9, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Why should you run? This is a very profound question, as running triggers many aspects of our lives: for this reason, the answer could be different for any of us. I found at least 10 reasons that will explain why running is an amazing thing to do. Lace your shoes and let’s get started 🙂

Running and nutrition
Image September 21, 2019 Running journey Pietro

We can often associate running and nutrition to each other. We all know that a correct and balanced nutrition is not only beneficial for running performances, but also for wellness. What many don’t know is that eating well does not mean eating too little, or giving up to tasty stuff! As usual knowledge is power,

Three do and three don’t of the training phase
Image September 19, 2019 Running journey Pietro

As a newbie runner, I have discovered with time the importance of a regular training. But even more important, I learned (sometimes the hard way) the negative effects of a superficial preparation. In the following post, I want to highlight some of the latter, in the form of three DON’T, and three DO of the