Month: September 2019

Month: September 2019

Tallinn Marathon
Image September 27, 2019 Event review Admin Admin

My first race in the Autumn season was the biggest running event in the Baltic area, the Tallinn Marathon. It was a hard choice between two races for a Libra, but at the end, Tallinn won against the Vilnius Marathon, thanks to its superb homepage, Facebook and Instagram sites. They used these media for daily

Helsinki City Running Day
Image September 22, 2019 Event review Pietro

The Helsinki City Running day is an event, usually in May, organized in the Finnish capital. It includes several races, for all type of participants. There are in fact full marathon, half marathon, a 5K walking or running event and a mini marathon for kids. A differentiating factor of this event is the possibility, for

Running and nutrition
Image September 21, 2019 Running journey Pietro

We can often associate running and nutrition to each other. We all know that a correct and balanced nutrition is not only beneficial for running performances, but also for wellness. What many don’t know is that eating well does not mean eating too little, or giving up to tasty stuff! As usual knowledge is power,

Three do and three don’t of the training phase
Image September 19, 2019 Running journey Pietro

As a newbie runner, I have discovered with time the importance of a regular training. But even more important, I learned (sometimes the hard way) the negative effects of a superficial preparation. In the following post, I want to highlight some of the latter, in the form of three DON’T, and three DO of the

Running the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2019
Image September 16, 2019 Running diary,Running journey Pietro

Running the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2019, my fourth edition of this event in the city I live, has been amazing for several reasons. First of all, many friends have been running this event, giving that unique feeling mutual support that is gasoline for running these competitions. In particular, my partner in crime Cristina (this was

Superhalfs half marathon series
Image September 8, 2019 Event review,News Pietro

The superhalfs half marathon series website opens with a question: “runners love a challenge, right?”. Damn if you are right! And for traveling runners like us, what is best if this challenge entails to visit five iconic European cities, each one hosting a IAAF labeled high quality event? Loving half marathons, traveling and challenges, and

Are you a runner or a jogger?
Image September 2, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Are you a runner or a jogger? Let’s start from the beginning: I don’t think there is a clear separation, or better, the difference can be blurry. In my opinion, as soon as you dedicate time to practice some sport in a healthy way – it can be bike, swimming or hiking – you are