Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon
August 13, 2019 1 Comment Uncategorized Pietro

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon

50 - 80 €












  • Good running conditions
  • Scenografic during and outside the race
  • Budget OK


  • A bit crowded
IAAF Road Race Label:Gold
Expected participants:11500
Distances:21K, single and relay
Type of race:Flat, city run
Time limit:3 hours
Review of Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon

Since I started traveling to participate to running competitions, Prague Half Marathon was on my bucket list. I am in love with this city, capable of assuming different nuances of beauty. Dark and mysterious in the night or with bad weather, Prague puts a fancy dress with the good weather, offering a totally different image of itself to our eyes.

The event

The Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon will be run for the 22nd time in 2020. It is one of the main European events at the beginning of spring, a period with many events are available. Spring conditions are good for running across Europe: Berlin, Florence, Madrid, Budapest are only examples of the alternative half marathons you can select in end of March or April.

This race is awarded with the IAAF Gold Race Label assessing the quality of the race and its organization. It is fast, although some traits can be a bit crowded, and mostly flat. And it is beautiful, with many passages on the Vitava river through the scenic bridges.


No complains about the organization, from on-line booking (fast and with the chance of opt out for the T-shirt, if you like), to the pick-up process. The only downside probably the Expo a bit far away from the course start and finish; although not a real nuisance, pay attention to that if you are planning a quick trip. Prague however does deserve a few days visit! I recommend to take it easy and don’t compress this trip 🙂

The chilly temperatures (average 10 °C) and the mostly flat course set good conditions for running.

Personal impressions

My experience was beautiful. Like all events I participate after the winter break, I paid the price of a bad training: even the negligible uphill traits were looking like walls to me! I ended above 2 hours 20 minutes, and spent the afternoon sleeping under some beautiful cherry trees (which I wanted to celebrate putting them in the cover :)) Prague gave me a lot of fun also during the recovery part. Low price, good beer, pragmatically iper-proteic Czech food helped a lot with the recovery… and the morale 😀

I think, for all these reasons, this event has everything a traveling runner may look for. As a bonus, generally speaking, flight connections and hotel / B&B options allow to get to Prague without spending a fortune!

Did you like this review of Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon? Please read also my trip advises about what to do in Prague, and contact me for any question!

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Pietro I am an italian living in Denmark, where the culture of running touched me and combined with my passion for travelling. I finally found a very good excuse to visit new places: organizing running trips, usually for half marathon.
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    FU Sportisimo

    They are just cheaters who take your money and do not send aything. There is no way that you can solve it by e-mail or by phone call, they just don’t care and do nothing. Never ever use this website to order anything, if you don’t want to throw your money away. NEVER.


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