Month: August 2019

Month: August 2019

Why a GPS watch for runners?
Image August 22, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Why a GPS watch for runners? Running watches and GPS trackers are more and more becoming  inseparable friends of runners. Although not necessary, this accessory is without any doubt an important running equipment. Let’s see why: It tracks your activity with GPS Tracking watches are useful as they can be very accurate in monitoring activity

Things to do in Tallinn
Image August 19, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

There are many more things to do in Tallinn, than what you could initially imagine: and this, also because of its interesting geographic location, which puts the Estonian capital in connection with other experiences. A ferry can take you to Helsinki in approximately two hours. You may also choose to add the other Baltic capitals

Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon
Image August 13, 2019 Uncategorized Pietro

Review of Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon Since I started traveling to participate to running competitions, Prague Half Marathon was on my bucket list. I am in love with this city, capable of assuming different nuances of beauty. Dark and mysterious in the night or with bad weather, Prague puts a fancy dress with the good

The importance of the after work out phase
Image August 13, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Many runners neglect, especially as beginners, the importance of the after work out phase. However, as the training is important to create conditions for improvements, so rest and recovery are crucial, to allow the conditions for building that desired performance boost. I want to share with you some of the lessons I learned during my

What to eat when training for running
Image August 12, 2019 Running journey Pietro

What to eat when training for running is a question you will ask yourself very soon. It does not really matter if you are training to be in shape, to prepare an event or simply because you like it. It is undeniable that a correct approach with eating habits can improve your performance, avoiding both

The importance of the equipment for a runner
Image August 10, 2019 Running journey Pietro

When I started running, I had no idea of the importance of the equipment for a runner. I did not have any experience or knowledge, except a general understanding of common sense principles about what to do – and probably, even better, what NOT to do – when running. I learned the importance of doing

The ABC… of running
Image August 8, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Spoiler alert: even if called the ABC of running, this post is NOT going to be seriously finding what is the explanation of mystery that every day lets millions of people from all over the world to lace their shoes… and start running. This is a facetious way to make a list describing my relationship

How to select the right running shoes
Image August 5, 2019 Running journey Pietro

How to select the right running shoes? This is not a trivial question, as I learned at my expenses: when I had to run my first half marathon in Berlin, I ignored a lot of things about training and running. One of the memories of the post-run celebration night, drinking Bavarian beer in a biergarden,