Month: July 2019

Month: July 2019

Edinburgh Marathon Festival
Image July 31, 2019 Event review Pietro

Review of Edinburgh Marathon Festival May is a month when the choice of the right running event can be complicated. In some locations, summer is already kicking in, and temperatures become challenging. On the other hand, in May the running season at high latitudes is blooming, giving some interesting choices. The Edinburgh Marathon Festival fits

10 advises for new runners
Image July 23, 2019 Running journey Pietro

I started very recently my journey as traveling runner, and I cannot (and would not dare to) call myself an expert or a specialist. Nonetheless, I would like to share my 10 advises for new runners, hopefully ready to become traveling runners! 1) Choose the right equipment Running does not require too much equipment, so

Athens Half Marathon
Image July 23, 2019 Event review Pietro

How many runners dream of participating to an event in Athens? I am therefore glad to review the Athens half marathon for travelling runners. The full marathon official event connects Athens with Marathon, as it was covered by the Greek soldier Philippides to deliver the message of victory against the Persians in Athens’ acropolis, 2500

Bucharest Half Marathon
Image July 22, 2019 Event review Pietro

Introduction Are you looking for a running event in spring that can involve runners aiming at different distances, especially if you have kids? Would you like to visit a beautiful European capital, aside the most popular destinations? Does the majesty of the communist architecture, and its palaces and squares, fascinate you? If you answer yes

Things to do in Copenhagen
Image July 21, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

This is one of the guides probably easier to write, as I have been living for many years in the beautiful capital of Denmark; writing trip advises about Copenhagen gives me both a sense of pleasure and responsibility! Copenhagen is a vivid melting pot of cultures and styles that will provide you a unique tourism

Things to do in Amsterdam
Image July 20, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

Amsterdam will not leave you disappointed with its picturesque canal network, rich history and vibrant cultural scene reflected in architecture and museums. A cultural path Amsterdam has a great and wide offer of cultural experiences, and the I Amsterdam city card gives some interesting offers and discount that are worth to consider. You can find

Amsterdam Marathon & Half Marathon
Image July 19, 2019 Event review Pietro

I strongly recommend the Amsterdam Marathon event (sponsored by TCS with a long lasting partnership) especially for a group journey, and for various good reasons: not only Amsterdam is an amazing european capital, that can satisfy… all kind of appetites (sex, drugs… and rock and roll! but also art, landscapes, food and nightlife). The program

Things to do in Iceland
Image July 18, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

Iceland is a natural paradise where is possible to admire outstanding unique landscapes. Although the long days, with constant daylight of the summertime is taking out any chance to see the northern lights, there is a lot to see and to do. Reykjavik The capital of Iceland, from where the midnight sun run event starts,

Iceland Midnight Sun Run
Image July 17, 2019 Event review Pietro

This is my review of the Iceland Midnight Sun Run, my second running event; two months after running my first half marathon in Berlin, the combination of good vibes, endorphins, and realization that t I found another good excuse to travel, put me on the search of the next event, which would have been my

Things to do in Berlin
Image July 16, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

Summarizing the things to do in Berlin in a single post is very difficult. I will provide few suggestions according to my personal opinion, and some recommendations for food and drink! The Mitte district The central district is an amazing part of the city. You will run  through the Unter der Linden boulevard, but this