Year: 2019

Year: 2019

Things to do in Helsinki
Image December 1, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

Although the impression given outside, there are interesting things to do in Helsinki, vibrant capital of Finland. My stay was not too long, but a weekend is sufficient to have a good tour of the city… also through a running experience, of course 😉 . City center and Senate square The Senate square comprises some

Things to do in Bucharest
Image November 30, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

Although not considered a mainstream destination in Europe, Bucharest is a city offering a lot to do, to see… and to eat and drink! Let’s go and let me show you some things to do in Bucharest: The Parliament Palace The Palatul Parlamentului (Parliament Palace) is one of the most impressive buildings in Romania, and

How to predict your performance
Image November 29, 2019 Running journey Pietro

How to predict your performance in a race, knowing your actual pace per minute? This info would be useful as we don’t often cover the full distance, while preparing an event. Many plans suggest to run up to a 70-75% of the target distance, before the tapering phase. So, besides experience and gut feelings, is

Races shorter than anticipated
Image November 28, 2019 News Pietro

Yes, there are races shorter than anticipated. I am not referring to the case you go out for a 10K, and you end tired or drained after 5-6K. Or, even worse, when you arrive home with your GPS tracking system stating you’ve run 9.89 km. I usually run an extra block to have a round

Black Friday for runners
Image November 25, 2019 News Pietro

The Black Friday is a fixed appointment for all classes of customers. There are many fixed and on-line stores that create the most attractive deals in this post-thanksgiving weekend, dragged by the global competition. Therefore, runners can find good deals in this period, if they know where to look… and if they resist to compulsive

Music or not music?
Image November 24, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Music or not music? That is the question… or the debate. Many of us cannot hit the road without their headsets, connected to a device (a mobile phone, or a running watch) providing music. Without trying to be scientific, I would like to give some reasons why you should – or shouldn’t – listening to

Running and winter holidays
Image November 21, 2019 News Pietro

Christmas and New Year’s give a chance to celebrate, and make wishes for the new year. You can spend it with your beloved ones, or alone. At home or somewhere else. But as a runner, you have several options to run! Yes, because there are many events organized for the new year you may want

Things to do in Verona
Image November 20, 2019 Trip advises Pietro

There are many things to do in Verona or in the nearby areas. Located between Milano and Venice, and 30 minutes from the Garda Lake, it is strategic base of operations for tourism. I will list five main options, concentrated in the city area. Arena di Verona and Piazza Bra This iconic landmark of the

Verona Marathon
Image November 20, 2019 Event review Pietro

Italy is a country famous for its art, food, wine, history… but not many know how interesting is the amount of running events organized in my country. A list offering many options for who wants to combine the enjoyment of the elements listed above, with the sense of accomplishment of crossing a finish line. Oddly

Looking back the running season
Image November 19, 2019 Running journey Pietro

Looking back the running season 2019, it has been an interesting and inspiring year. I can do this balance today, after having participated to the Verona Marathon this last weekend. I think winter is kicking in and the number of options becoming reduced, in this part of the world. This is also the moment to